Sunday, February 28, 2016

Recipe for Happiness: Connections

Today the weather is absolutely beautiful and I got up, showered, and then went out for coffee with my sister. When I got home, despite having a cold, I felt so incredibly happy and I just want to share it because I believe that happiness is contagious.

For my birthday, a friend gave me a book called, recipe for a happy life by Cheryl Saban. It's a lovely book and inspired me to write a few blog posts centering around happiness. So, I thought we'd turn this into a bit of a series where each blog post focuses on a different aspect of achieving happiness because we all know happiness has a very wide spectrum. (How many times do you think I can fit the word "happiness" into a paragraph? Obviously A LOT!) Okay, let's get started...

happy book

In recipe for a happy life the first aspect she focuses on is connections and I couldn't agree more. Your emotions are often connected to those you surround yourself with, the environment, and even your relationship with yourself. When you seclude yourself from those around you, although you might be really strengthening your relationship with yourself, you'll end up lonely. Surround yourself with positive people who not only accept you for who you are, but also themselves. And you need to remember to accept them for who they are too. Or I guess a simpler way of saying that would be you do you. Worrying about if you're cool enough or if you fit in is unnecessary! Find those who don't care if you're a little silly and even join in on the silliness with you. Remember that you can't change people. When you realize and accept that, it's easier to be happy.

Next is your environment. I'm deeply effected by the weather and seasons. I'm happiest on warm, sunny days during the summer, but I'm also a bit depressed on grey, cold days during the winter. I need to work on not allowing the weather to effect my moods so much, but sometimes I just can't help it. However, when there are warm, sunny days like today, you need to take advantage of it. You need to soak up that vitamin D and feel the fresh air in your lungs. Appreciate nature and don't take it for granted. Not only will you feel peaceful, but you'll also feel happy. It's important to put yourself in positive environments.

Last is your relationship with yourself. In this day and age we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. I'm definitely guilty of this! We focus on the things we might not like about ourselves instead of loving the unique and beautiful things about ourselves. As an introvert, I like to spend a lot of time to myself. Whether it's reading, writing, or even just looking out the window and thinking about anything and everything, that time spent to myself fills me with energy and calmness. I think that even extraverts would do well to do the same thing, maybe they just don't need to do it as often as an introvert would. Take the time today to think about what you love about yourself. Also, think about your goals and dreams and take that first step to achieving them, I'm doing it right now by writing on my blog. Most importantly, just be yourself. Live your life according to your own values and your beliefs. Only then will you be your authentic self and happy.

Things that make me feel happy:

~ Baking
~ Listening to Vance Joy
~ Reading
~ Writing in my journal
~ Drawing
~ Taking a Bath with lots of bubbles
~ Doing my hair and makeup nicely
~ Getting up early (not too early though!)
~ Taking pictures
~ Seeing my fish swim around in a clean tank (I'm going to clean their tank right after I'm done with this list!)
~ Cleaning my room (it's all about those small achievement to make you feel good about yourself)
~ Watching New Girl
~ Spending time outside
~ Being with family and friends

Honestly, the list could go on and on and on... (really I'm just procrastinating so I don't have to clean Martha and Finley's fishbowl.) Today how about you make a list of things that make you happy and do some of them. Oh and I'm challenging you to make at least three people smile tomorrow, including yourself, so actually let's make that four people.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps get you thinking a bit about happiness!


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