Monday, August 22, 2016

Why I Wear Fake Glasses

Well look at that! Perhaps that's some new information for you regarding my eyesight ability! In quite a few of my photos I tend to wear glasses. To an unknowing soul, they look like real, normal, prescription glasses. However, to myself and many others whom I've informed, they look like and are indeed fake, non-prescription glasses. But Why? you ask. When you have perfect eyesight, why would you bother with glasses? Well, I'm about to tell you exactly that.

 Now, I don't wish to insult anyone who wears real glasses, but if I do, I apologize. When I was in elementary and middle school, I always found myself secretly hoping one day I'd wake up and have poor eyesight. That way, I'd be able to get glasses. I didn't care if I couldn't see very well, I just wanted to master the look. (Though I now know how incredibly ungrateful my hopes and dreams were when regarding my eyesight at that age.)

Then, I noticed fake glasses were becoming an actual thing you could buy at a store. In fact, I think I remember reading a magazine once that talked about Joe Jonas owning a pair. (You know, back when the Jonas Brothers were still together and relevant.) However, I felt like I would be judged harshly for glasses when I didn't need them. And what would I say when people asked why I got them? Would I lie and pretend they were prescription? After all, I wouldn't be wearing them every day. So, to avoid my adolescent dilemma, I just forgot about them.

Fast-forward to last winter, I found myself in a cool resale/costume shop and found a wide variety of fake glasses for an awesome price! (I think they were somewhere around five to seven dollars??) I just couldn't resist not getting a pair and I really didn't care what people would think about it. Which I doubt they even did think much about it.

The way I see it, people who have to wear glasses are a little bit lucky. (I get it, I get it, it sucks that you need help seeing, but just hear me out.) They have the option of wearing glasses or not wearing glasses (contacts). I didn't understand why they had the privilege of either or, when I was just stuck without. Thus, I bought a fake pair that I wear all the time.

Now, I hear about people wearing fake glasses a lot more. For me it's about the fashion. You can accomplish perfect looks for either comfy, smart, or minimalist looks! I believe glasses should be a definite staple item for every closet. You just can't go wrong!

Thanks for reading!

(I'm posting this today because I don't think I'll be able to Saturday, so see you next time!)

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