Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Promise of Tomorrow

This evening there's a slight cool breeze outside and the leaves of the trees are damp with the remnants of the storm that passed through earlier today. The smell of wet gravel fills the air and for some reason I'm reminded of fall. Perhaps I'm just eager for a change in weather or maybe I'm just really excited for fall fashion, (I think we both know it's the latter.) either way, as most minds work, one thing led to another and I began to think about why I love new years so much.

I actually find it a bit peculiar that I love that holiday so much. If I'm completely honest, most of the time it's no different than any other cold, winter day, except that I spend an exceeding amount of time in front of the television to watch times square. So, I suppose it isn't the actual day that I adore, more so the idea of it. That meaning, I find it's promise of new beginnings, opportunities, experiences, and adventures intriguing. After all, it's New Years! There's a whole 365 days ahead of you! Anything could happen! So much can change!