Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Most Used Foundations


I think all makeup lovers can relate to the never ending search of finding the perfect foundation. So many different things factor into what may be considered "perfect." These factors include coverage, lasting power, color, and price. Although I'd love to try out high end foundations, I tend to use the ones found at most drugstores. This way I can get a pretty good price for good quality products.

true match foundation

The first foundation I ever used and still swear by is L'Oreal's true match. The range has nearly every skin tone, making it almost impossible not to find a match. This foundation has light coverage and is very blendable. I find it to be perfect for summer when your skin looks its best with that natural summer glow. It's also the most expensive foundation out of the three I cover in this post. I tend to be the colors light ivory (W2) and nude beige (W3).

fit me foundation
The next foundation I decided to try was Maybelline's Fit Me! Matte+Poreless. Out of all three of the foundations I've tried, this one was my least favorite, but it was still satisfactory. It has light coverage, however by the end of the day, it felt like most of it had come off. It blends nicely and is great for the summer, however if you're looking for a winter foundation, I wouldn't recommend this because it seems to collect at any dry spots making you look flakey. Don't be afraid to try this product for yourself, though, because we all have different skin and what might not work as well for me could be perfect for you! This is the least expensive foundation out of the three in this post and I use the color porcelain (110).

Rimmel lasting finish foundation

The most recent foundation I started using is Rimmel's Lasting Finish. This was my first full coverage foundation and I'm absolutely in love with it! It covers up all of my blemishes and makes my skin look flawless. Also, it lasts all day! The first time I put it on I wasn't sure if I'd like it because it felt really thick and I was used to light coverage foundations. Now, I'm used to it and use it everyday. It's definitely a good foundation for winter and maybe even summer. This foundation also smells amazing (I've found that all Rimmel products smell incredible), which is just another plus. I highly recommend this product! I use the color ivory (100).


I look forward to trying out more high street foundations, but the ones I have now are pretty great! Hopefully you found this post helpful in your quest to find the perfect foundation. Good Luck!


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