Sunday, August 13, 2017

How to Wear a Headscarf 3 Different Ways

 Currently I've had an infatuation with headscarves. They add a feminine and classic vibe to any look which makes sense considering images of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly sporting the gorgeous headscarf look in the 60's are still floating around the web. So, here's three different ways for you to wear your headscarf.

1. As a Headband

Whether you tie it on top or underneath, turning your scarf into a headband will make your messy low bun look more glamorous. This seems to be my go-to style this summer and I just stick a few bobby pins on it so it stays, then I'm ready to go! This is probably my favorite way to wear my scarf, but the other two ways are definitely stylish as well!

2. Around Your Neck

For all those girls going for that Parisian style, this is the look for you. Plenty of my favorite fashion bloggers have rocked this look and now I'm ready to give it a try. And once again, it's a look that dates back to the 50s and 60s. It's timeless!

3. Tied around your Ponytail

This look has become another go to for me and can be seen in my post, Casual Chilly Summer Day OOTD. It's so easy but still looks super cute. I'd say it's a definite must-try! You'll never wear another ponytail without one!

Here's a scarf that I really liked, though I get mine from the thrift store.

Hopefully this gave you a little Sunday hair inspiration and I hope you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading! See you next Sunday!



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  1. I love all the ways that you styled that headscarf. I like the necktie way the best, it's so cute.