Sunday, July 2, 2017

3 Ways to Wear Your Midi Dress this Summer

A floral midi dress has been on my list of wants for a while now and while searching through more racks at the thrift store, I found this Lord and Taylor lovely for only $6.00! After sewing on a few loose buttons, I began to think of all the different ways I could wear it. I'm sure there's plenty more than three ways to wear it, but these are my favorite.

1. Traditionally with a Belt
During the summer, I always think it's appropriate to show a little leg. So, I left a few of the bottom buttons undone along with the very top button. Then I paired it with a thin brown belt from Forever 21 and sandals or mules.
2. Shorts Peaking Out

For a more casual look, I figured why not turn the dress into a shirt with a train? Taking a pair of dark wash shorts, I stuck them underneath the dress then slipped on light pink mules.
3. Short Sleeve Kimono

Perhaps the easiest way to wear this is to just throw it on top of another outfit. Because the dress has a pattern, putting it over a more basic outfit avoids your look being too busy. I wore a black body suit and dark wash shorts with some pink mules to complete the look.

Get the Look:
floral midi dress
thin brown belt
heeled sandals
Kelly & Katie pink mules
dark wash shorts
black tank bodysuit

Hopefully this gave some new ideas on how to wear your midi dress! Thanks for reading!



  1. I haven't even thought of wearing a dress with shorts. Love your ideas! :)

    1. Thank you! I love wearing dresses, but sometimes I miss the comfort of being able to move around in shorts, so I though this would be a great compromise.

  2. I love your midi dress and it's amazing seeing it worn in 3 totally different ways! I love all the different styles but 1is probably my favourite. Great post!

    Heather xx

    1. Thank you!! I think 1 is probably my favorite as well.