Monday, May 8, 2017

Prom 2017

That's right! As you can see by the title, I went to prom! There's nothing better than getting dressed up and having a night out at a formal dinner and dance. Believe me, I danced the night away with my wonderful boyfriend and date for the night, Ryan.

A lot has happened these past few weeks and as school comes to close, it's only going to get busier. Somehow I always manage to find time to write blog posts when I'm sick, which is exactly what I am right now. I'm sniffly, cold and hot at the same time, my throat hurts, and I have a cup of hot tea next to me. But let's save my illness for another time because right now I want to talk about prom. Or rather, show you a bit of prom action.

What a handsome fella, am I right?

The photo booth at prom was lots of fun and the pictures turned out better than expected!

 I was beyond happy that Katy would be going as well and she looks like an absolute dream!

The drama gang all got together for pictures. I promise we're all happy people, we just had to look dramatic as expected of drama kids haha.
I think one of the coolest parts about prom this year is that it didn't cost me anything! I borrowed my sister's dress, which she got at Windsor about two years ago, and I wore heels from homecoming. All of the makeup I wore, I already owned and I had my mom help me with my hair. So many aspects of getting ready for prom can be DIY. My mom even made the boutonniere with some white roses, ribbon, and floral tape. I did my own French manicure which saved me money by not having to go to the nail salon. However, there's nothing wrong with pampering yourself for a special. All I'm saying is, if you need prom on a budget, it's possible!
I had loads of fun this year and can't wait to go again! Thank you for reading, there should be more posts to come in the near future. Happy prom season!

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