Friday, March 10, 2017


I've been blocked and not in the bowel sense. When it comes to my blog, I'm feeling incredibly uninspired and can't come up with any new content that I think will be worth your while or that I'm capable of creating. So, now I'm saying "screw it!" I'm going to write something, boring or not, just so hopefully I can get back in the groove of it. I love Sarah Grapes and I don't want to give up on all that I've worked for so far. I mean, it's been a year of running this site! It's time for me to make something of it!

Now because I'm still suffering from creative constipation (I apologize for the bathroom jokes), this is yet another life update that will most likely consist of little words and lots of pictures. Here we go:

A month or so ago, I went to the Detroit Institute of arts with my family and I was blown away by the gorgeous art and architecture.

Van Gogh

Next, on a warm day in February I roamed around Ann Arbor with a nice fella, Ryan, and pleasantly but accidentally witnessed a women's march. It was honestly one of the best days.
A vanilla late at The Lab Cafe

Also, I spent more time with the same fella and went on a hike which was a blast even though we ruined our shoes walking in mud.

Most recently, I was in a play and I actually had lines! I played a French woman and had a wonderful time with the cast. It was a great experience. Special thanks to jwmphotography on instagram for the cast pictures!

I've realized that I need to start taking more pictures, but here's a little sneak peak into my life. Hopefully next time I write it'll be with more of a purpose and a bit more organized. Thanks for reading!


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