Saturday, August 13, 2016

Chicago in the Summertime

It's been seven years. Seven years since I've been to what I call my favorite place, despite only visiting once. Sven years for the memories to fade. And now I've finally returned to Chicago; the place I'll forever continue to call my favorite.
In celebration of my best friend, Natalie's, birthday, we took a three day trip to Chicago, where we shopped, explored, and enjoyed the city atmosphere. And I fell in love all over again with this amazing city. So, I thought I share some of my many photos with you.
Inside Gucci
even the mannequins in Ralph Lauren are gorgeous!

Queen? Why yes! You definitely feel like royalty when you're inside of Ralph Lauren.
The Bean!
on the pier
even rainy days are beautiful here
I think this is my favorite picture out of all of them
we found an indoor garden!
Burgers at 11pm are the best!
Hope you enjoyed this little picture diary! Chicago, someday I will return!