Thursday, July 7, 2016

Life Update!

Hello! Today has been quite the productive day! This morning I walked to the coffee shop in town and sat outside with an iced coffee while I read one of my favorite blogs, Man Repeller. Then I came home and wrote a blog post for Saturday that I'm actually really proud of and excited to show you! Next (with a nap in between) I cleaned my room and FINALLY unpacked my suitcase from the vacation I just took! Now, I'm sat on my bed with a candle lit in my salt crystal candle holder and Lorde playing in the background as I sip lemon water and write.

Now that you have a nice visual of what I'm doing and have been doing today, I'm just going to ramble. So, if rambling isn't your thing, skip this post and come back Saturday for a makeup tutorial. (Ahhhh there's your hint for Saturday's post! Makeup tutorial?? What kind of makeup?? What do I mean?? HAHA! That's the only hint you're getting, though. I swear!)

Hmmm... Let's start with vacation! Last week I drove down to Florida with my family to stay with my uncle. It was blistering hot, but I quickly adjusted and I added a few pieces to my wardrobe while I was down there! There were beach walks, shopping, crab shacks, flea markets, and an insane amount of swimming! Really though, I probably went swimming two times or more every. single. day. It was fabulous! Also, I took lots of pictures!

THIS is why I don't like swimming in the ocean...and because of sharks

the sis
the sis...again

when given the opportunity to have a balloon animal of your favorite Disney princes, it's impossible to decline

the sis...and again

When I got home from vacation, it was back down to business...literally. I got a job!! Yesterday was my first day working at a cafĂ© at a church. It was fun, tiring, and I think I'm going to really like it! Also, I've already met so many kind people there, including two girls that I worked with. They're going to make work a lot of fun. The only downfall is the hat that's part of my uniform. If you thought I had a squishy face before, you haven't seen it under this hat!

Right now life is good. I'm focusing a lot on myself (hey! sometimes it's acceptable to be selfish!) and what makes me happy. As you may be able to guess by my Recipe for Happiness posts, finding happiness with myself and in my life is important. In that movie, Eat Pray Love, the main character talks about finding her balance. That's sort of like what I'm trying to do right now. So, I'll read, light candles, watch Audrey Hepburn movies, and nap as much as my heart desires.

There's a picture of my coffee today that my sister actually made because she's a barista! And yes, coffee makes me happy too.

Thanks for reading or even just scrolling through to look at pictures!


  1. you are adorable! I love this post, and we need to catch up soon!

    1. Aw thank you! I love ya girlie and yes we do!